Auto Perfections Leicester offer quick, effective and most importantly affordable solutions to have your vehicle or car alloy wheels repaired at either your home or office.

So how do we repair your vehicles alloy wheels without full workshop facilities?

  • We remove your vehicle wheels on site then deflate your tyres, the beads are broken so the tyres are pushed back to enable the rim to be fully repaired.
  • The damage repaired using a variety of specialist techniques.
  • Your alloy wheels are then primed to prevent potential future corrosion.
  • We then bake the wheels under infer-red lighting and the primer is then ‘flatted’ out to ensure a perfectly smooth finish.
  • The alloy wheels are painted to match the original finish or if required can be painted and finished differently.
  • Once the wheels have been re-painted they are then baked again and sprayed with lacquer.
  • Once the lacquer has been applied the wheels are baked again until dry.
  • Finally the tyre are inflated again and fitted back onto to your vehicle
  • Following a final inspection, the process is complete – your vehicle is ready to drive.

As you can see our work is completed to the very highest standards ensuring fantastic results every time.

So what are you waiting for, get in touch today!